Future Students

Visa Requirements

All international students in Australia require a valid student visa to study in Australia. The is called  Student Visa (Subclass 500), this visa can be applied for online via the creation of an ImmiAccount. Before you apply for an Australian Student visa should visit the Department of Home Affairs Immigration and Citizenship webpage and search for Subclass 500 Student visa for more details.  Before you apply, you’ll need a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from Della International College (DIC), this is confirming that you have been accepted into a DIC course. You will also need to pay a deposit towards your tuition fees as outlined in the letter of offer.

There are specific steps involved in applying for your Student visa these steps are clearly detailed on the Department of Home Affairs website under the section step by step.

Using Your Student Visa

Once you have your visa, you should check Department of Home Affairs website under the section when you have this visa and make sure that you have completed each of the steps before travelling to Australia. This information may change from time to time so it is important that you refer to the Department of Home Affairs website to up to date and current information.

Once you arrive in Australia you must inform DIC of your residential address, and also inform us within seven days if you change the address.

While you hold a current student visa, you are required to fulfil you must remain enrolled in an approved course, attend classes regularly, make satisfactory course progress and maintain OSHC health insurance. DIC is required to intervene where a student’s progress is unsatisfactory. If the student’s progress does not improve, we must notify the Department of Education and Training.

Further Information: see the Department of Home Affairs Website

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

As mentioned in the above section International Students are required by the Australian Government to join a private health insurance scheme. You will need to pay the OSHC premium at the same time as your DIC tuition fees. Overseas student health cover (OSHC) is insurance that contributes or covers the costs of medical and hospital care which you may need while in Australia.

The Department of Home Affairs website under the section step by step under step 2 Gather your documents subsection Overseas Student Health Cover provide details and explicit information regarding the requirements of the OSHC.


In Melbourne, VIC the transport systems include trains, trams, and buses. All public transport can be accessed using an MYKI card. The MYKI card is a smartcard ticket that you load value (Australian dollars) onto and keep for travel on all public transport in the Melbourne area. You can buy an MYKI card from an approved retailer or order online. For further information on transport in the VIC State please go to the Tertiary or TAFE students page on the Public Transport VIC website or on the Study Melbourne website.

Money and Banks

Australia legal tender of currency is the Australian dollar (AUD), there many exchange facilities in Melbourne where you can exchange currency when you first arrive. More details on Australian currency can be found on the Study Australia website or on the Study Melbourne website.

Australia has range of banks available for non-residents to access their money most banks have branches easily accessible. More details on Australian Banking can be found on the Study Australia website or on the Study Melbourne website.

Student Card

All DIC students will be issued with an Institute Student card that will assist in students obtaining student discounts where available at selected businesses within Australia.

Working In Australia

International Students on a Subclass 500 visa are able to work up to 40 hours per fortnight whilst they are studying and unlimited work hours during holiday break. This information may change subject to the Department of Home Affairs and PIA strongly recommends that students seek clarification or confirmation of their visa conditions directly with the Department of Home Affairs or a registered Migration Agent. Further general information can be located on the Department of Home Affairs website under the section when you have this visa. The Study Australia website also offers some general information on Working while you study on their website.

Studying In Australia

Australia is world-renowned for its higher education systems, and attracts millions of international students each year, in one of its top-rated student cities. For more details on why study in Australia please visit Study Australia website.

Living In Melbourne

Melbourne is Victoria’s capital city and the business, administrative, cultural and recreational hub of the state.

The entire Greater Melbourne area covers 9992.5 km2 and has a population of around 4.96 million.

The City of Melbourne municipality covers 37.7 km2 and has a residential population of almost 170,000 (as of 2021). It is made up of the city centre and a number of inner suburbs, each with its own distinctive character and with different businesses, dwellings and communities living and working there.

Della International College has two campuses one is right in the city near Queen Victoria Market and the other is our Workshop campus which is located in Sunshine.

Sunshine is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 12 km (7.5 mi) west of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Sunshine recorded a population of 9,445 (as of 2021). Sunshine, initially a town just outside Melbourne, is today a residential suburb with a mix of period and post-War homes, with a town centre that is an important retail centre in Melbourne’s west. It is also one of Melbourne’s principal places of employment outside the CBD with many industrial companies situated in the area and is an important public transport hub with both V/Line and Metro services at Sunshine railway station and its adjacent major bus interchange.

Both campus is surrounded by the restaurants, cafes and shops of the city or town centre and an easy to access key tourist features. More information on Living in Melbourne such as accommodation, working, health, transport, as well as fantastic information about other Australia’s states and regions. Can be found on the Study Australia website or on the Study Melbourne website.

It is important that all students are aware of the cost of living in Melbourne before their arrival to assist with the transition of living in Australia.

Accommodation in Melbourne

Once you have met the financial requirements of transitioning to Australia and have received your visa, you will need to consider finding accommodation.

There are many different types of accommodation available in Melbourne such as:

Cost of living

The Home Affairs website covers in more detail how to work out how much money you might need to cover the costs of your stay in Australia as international student.

The Insider Guides ‘Cost of Living Calculator’ is also a useful, practical tool to help estimate your cost of living in Australia www.insiderguides.com.au/cost-of-living-calculator/.

 According to the Study Australia website the current cost of livening in Australia per annum as of October 2019 is as follows:

  • For students or guardians – AUD$21,041
  • For partners coming with you – AUD$7,362
  • For a child coming with you – AUD$3,152
Particulars Estimated cost as per the Study Australia website
Accommodation $185 to $440 per week
Groceries and Eating Out $140 to $280 per week
Gas, electricity – $10 to $20 per week
Phone and Internet – $15 to $30 per week
Public transport – $30 to $60 per week
Car (after purchase) $150 to $260 per week
Entertainment – $80 to $150 per week
Phone and Internet $15 to $30 per week


Disclaimer: This information is correct at the time of publishing and may vary for updated information prospective students should visit Study Australia website.

Della International College accepts Full Fee-Paying Students.

Credit Transfer (CT) is a process that provides students with agreed and consistent credit outcomes for components of a qualification based on identified equivalence in contact and learning outcomes between matched qualifications. It is the granting of exemption or credit by a Registered Training Organisation to students for units of competency completed under accredited training.  Granting credit for prior learning ensures that students commence study at a level that appropriately recognises their prior learning experiences and are not required to repeat equivalent learning successfully undertaken in another context. Della International College acknowledges units completed at other Registered Training Organisation.

For further Information please see the Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal process by which the skills and knowledge gained through work and life experience and outside formal training arrangements are formally recognised.  When recognition is gained for a unit, this means it will not be required to be included in the student’s course of study. Della International College has a process that has been structured to minimise the time and cost to applicants and provide a supportive approach to students wishing to take up this option.

For further Information please see the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure


Della International College is committed to providing high quality, cost-effective, learning to international students.

Our fees are designed to be sufficient to maintain the highest standards at the best possible price.

There is an Application Fee ($200). This fee is only refundable if the Institute defaults in the delivery of a course before it starts.

Course Name VET Code CRICOS Code Application Fee Non-tuition Fees Tuition Fee Estimated Total Course Cost
General English (Beginner to Advanced) 091955F $ AUD 200.00 $ AUD 0 $AU 19,040 $AU 19,040
Certificate IV in Business (Leadership) BSB40120 108373G $ AUD 200.00 $ AUD 500 $ AUD 12,000 $ AUD 12,500.00
Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420 104167A $ AUD 200.00 $ AUD 0 $ AUD 12,000 $ AUD 12,000.00
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB60420 108374F $ AUD 200.00 $ AUD 800 $ AUD 24,000 $ AUD 24,800.00
Certificate III in Painting and Decorating CPC30620 103818A $ AUD 200.00 $ AUD 0 $AU 24,000 $AU 24,000
Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30220 104860B $ AUD 200.00 $ AUD 3,200 $AU 24,000 $AU 27,200
Certificate IV in
MEM40119 113445J $25,200.00

For further information about fees and refunds go to the Fees and Charges Policy and Procedure

Non-tuition fees and charges Fee Amount (AUD) Refundable Non-Refundable
Application fee $200.00
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Approx. $1,161[1]
Re-Issue of Testamurs / Statements of attainment $50.00
RPL application and assessment $300 per unit
Re-Assessment Fee ( after third attempt) $300.00
Re-issue of Student Card $20.00
Confirmation of Enrolment Letter $20.00
Change to CoE

(Not applicable where support has been provided to achieve learning outcomes)

Unit re-enrolment fee

(for students who exceed the maximum duration period)

Assessment Re-assessment/marking $80.00
Holiday/Travel Letter $20.00
Late course commencement fee per week $50.00
Late payment fees per instalment $250.00
World Education Services (WES) Application completion $100.00

For more information, refer to the Institute’s Refund Policy and Procedure for International Students.

Please note: These fees are current and apply for the current calendar year.

Della International College reserves the right to change these fees, final fees are indicated on the Letter of Offer prior to the acceptance of offers.

All Della International students are required to attend orientation, prior to the commencement of their course, Della’s welcoming staff will go through a number of topics to give you the best chance at success. Della resumed face-to-face delivery of its programs and orientation in 2023.

Each of the courses at Della International College have rolling intakes. This mean that we accept students to commence every month and run orientation programs each month. Prior to commencement of the course.

Intakes occur on the last Monday of every month with the exception of December.

Orientation occurs on the second last Monday of every month with the exception of December.

For further information please contact info@dellainternationalcollege.edu.au

Duration: All enrolments have a maximum duration. It is expected that students complete their course within the expected duration as specified within the letter of offer. Students who do not complete all units within the maximum timeframe will receive a Statement of attainment listing the units they have completed at no additional cost. Students wishing to undertake units not completed in the course duration period will be required to pay the unit re-enrolment fee. Enrolment begins from the course commencement date.