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Student Support

Range of support services are available to all students. As a first point of contact, students are encouraged to contact the Student Support Officer. Matters that require further follow can be directed to relevant professionals externally. Any referrals is at no cost to the student but fees and charges may be charged by the external provider.

Learning Support

Students are able to gain advice and support in ensuring they maintain appropriate academic levels, and general support to ensure they achieve satisfactory results in their studies. Tutorial support assistance.

    • English Language /Literacy and/or Numeracy Support
    • Support and exercises for some courses.
    • Computer and technology support.
    • Referral to external services
    • Useful links

Online Consultation

Students are encouraged to utilise email to contact teaching staff outside of scheduled class times, where appropriate. The contact email address for teaching staff will be at the beginning of each of their classes.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, teaching staff are required to respond to emails from students within two (2) business days. Where a significant issue arises from email communication the staff member should make every effort to meet the student face-to-face or by telephone as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

Additionally, teaching staff can provide consultation via zoom at a mutually agreeable time.

Other Student Support Services

DIC provides a range of non-academic student support services in line with its Student Welfare and Support Services Policy and Procedure. The students’ first point of contact is the Student Support Officers that are available at the front desk or via email at to assist with all their nonacademic related enquires and direct them to the most appropriate academic for all academic-related enquires. All Student Support Services staff is available Monday to Sunday 9-5pm.

As explained within the Student Welfare and Support Services Policy and Procedure all the support services that are external to DIC are accessible through a referral service. Any referrals made by DIC are at no cost to the student, but fees and charges may apply where an external service is used by the student, and when referred students are reminded this should be clarified by the student prior to using such external services. Our Student Support Officers can either provide assistance or direct the students to access support during times of stress or pressure during the course. Students may make an appointment for advice relating to the study, such as:

    • time management issues.
    • setting and achieving learning goals.
    • motivation
    • ways of learning.
    • managing assessment tasks; or
    • Self-care.

Where students experience personal or social and emotional issues, they have access to a Student Support Officer during DIC’s hours of operation to gain advice and guidance on personal, accommodation, or family/friend issues. Additionally, DIC has an MOU with ‘Tonic Psychology’ counselling services, which have been promoted to staff and students for Zoom, FaceTime, and telephone consultations. During the pandemic, academic and administrative staff have continued to make themselves available to support students.

If the need arises to seek additional services, the Student Support Officers maintain a list of the contact details of appropriate external support services. These are also available in the student handbook.

Della International College (DIC)  will not knowingly enrol a student wishing to transfer from another registered provider prior to the overseas student completing six (6) months of their principal course of study with the initial provider, except in the following circumstances:

    • the releasing registered provider, or the course in which the overseas student is enrolled, has ceased to be registered;
    • the releasing registered provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration by the ESOS agency that prevents the overseas student from continuing his or her course with that registered provider;
    • the releasing registered provider has agreed to the overseas student’s release and recorded the date of effect and reason for release in PRISMS;
    • any approved government sponsor of the overseas student considers the change to be in the overseas student’s best interests and has provided written support for the change;
    • the course in which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered; or
    • the original registered provider has provided a written letter of release.

Where a student seeks to transfer to or from another registered provider, they are required to refer to the Student Transfer Policy and Procedure for further details or contact office on

After you have completed your course, your file is checked for both academic completion and administration completion. Once we have confirmed that all course requirements have been fulfilled and there are no fees or administrative actions required, Della International will commence processing your course completion documentation. Once the printing is completed the authorising officers are required to sign the documents prior to the documents being released. Please note that no certificates will be issued if there are:

    • outstanding fees
    • missing USI
    • incomplete assessments or
    • any other unresolved matters pending.